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[The following message, which was originally posted to Louis Proyect's Marxism Mailing List, is a response to Gary MacLennan's review, From East to West--A book too far?, which itself was posted to the Marxism Mailing List as part of a message with the subject line "God & Bhaskar." The message is archived here with the permission of the author, Mervyn Hartwig, who retains the copyright.]

Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 22:03:39 +0000
From: Mervyn Hartwig <>
Subject: Re: God & Bhaskar


I would like to endorse your 'appeal for an openness of response' to Roy Bhaskar's latest book, From East to West. Bhaskar's fundamental message is that, if we are to survive as a species, we will have to come both to see ourselves, and to act, as part of a highly valued cosmic whole; to that extent, all critical realists can agree that the new orientation expresses the truth of our situation.

Unfortunately you imply that the reception of FEW within Critical Realism has been less than open. This imho is misleading.

Far from being 'widespread', the dismay you allude to has been expressed by only a handful of people. No-one to my knowledge has ever called the book as such 'evil' or 'mad', nor do I recall 'a flame war' on the Bhaskar List (though I did detect smoke coming from your direction).

While I myself have certainly criticized FEW strongly (for socio-historical, not just objective, idealism - among other things), that I am in no way dismissive of it is suggested by the contents of the November 2000 issue of ALETHIA (see details below; there are three reviews of FEW, one strongly but constructively critical, the other two highly favourable, plus much else constructive re Bhaskar's religious turn.) Critical realists of course take the 'critical' bit very seriously, like Bhaskar himself.

CR is a multifaceted movement the various strands of which have in common only a fundamental commitment to the philosophy and social theory of scientific realism. There are dialectical and undialectical strands; Marxist and non-Marxist; materialist and idealist (even idealist materialists, like you Gary! :); atheist, agnostic and religious; etc. The indications are that the movement as a whole has taken FEW maturely in its stride. The prevailing attitude seems to be that people are going to continue to mine Bhaskar's work wherever they find it useful, which is as it should be. The long CR march through the academy is still well and truly in place, and going from strength to strength. (We are under no illusion, however, that this will in itself change the world...)

Among the more impressive CR books to cross my desk recently is Sean Creaven, Marxism and Realism: a materialistic application of realism in the social sciences. Routledge 2000. This builds (critically!) on realist ontology and social theory to construct a comprehensive Marxist social theory ('emergentist Marxism') which I recommend to members of this list. (Unfortunately only available in hardback, as yet, for 65 pounds!, so I guess that means the library...)

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